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Journey of Awareness

Journey of Separation

From the mystery: Pure Awareness

From Pure Awareness: Beingness
From Beingness: Consciousness
From Consciousness: Experience in Multiple Dimensions
“The Fall”: identification with experience
From identification with experience: loss of Beingness
From loss of Beingness: suffering
From suffering: ego identity
From ego identity: defense
From defense: falsehood
From falsehood: unfulfillment
Meaninglessness, etc.

Journey of Awakening

From awareness of meaninglessness: awareness of falsehood

From awareness of falsehood: awareness of defense
From awareness of defense: awareness of ego self
From awareness of ego self: disidentification with ego self
From disidentification with ego self: experience of authentic suffering
From experience of authentic suffering: disidentification with experience
From disidentification with experience: experience of the Void
From experience of the Void: experience of Space
From experience of Space: Consciousness
From Consciousness: Beingness
From Beingness: Awareness
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