The Dimension Approach 

"conscious attention to the structures we live by"


​The Dimension Approach provides a framework for understanding how 'conscious attention' acts as an agent of change in the practices of awakening, healing, development, and performance. The methodology involves focusing conscious attention in five specific ways. These specific types of attention are applied to varying dimensions of the psyche in order to facilitate specific types of change in the mind and body. 

These five modes of conscious attending underlie all of human experience. Attending in these ways profoundly effects how we experience ourselves, how we experience others, and how we experience our lives. They are modes of relating that awaken, heal, nourish, and enhance our bodies, minds, and souls.  

These modes of attending are implicit in most spiritual approaches. They underlie most therapeutic methodologies. They are part and parcel of most healing modalities. And they are the desired end of most performance enhancement techniques. 

Whether applied directly or integrated into another practice, the Dimension Approach model provides a way of understanding and tracking the role of conscious awareness in all that we are, do, and know.