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Lance Hauge brings his understanding and practice of the Dimension Approach to the fields of awakening, imaginal journeying, subtle energetic work, psychotherapy, and structural bodywork.  He has been in private practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota for twenty-five years. In 2012 he founded Dimension Center, offering classes and trainings in transpersonal psychotherapy, subtle energy healing and various bodywork techniques.

Lance began his work in the early 1990’s working with athletes to improve performance and resolve chronic pain. His interest in therapeutic work began as an attempt to 'fix' the chronic hip pain he suffered as a high school runner. At the age of seventeen he was told he could no longer run and that he would likely need hip replacement surgery at a young age. Unwilling to accept this he ventured into the world of alternative medicine, trying anything and everything that sounded like it might help. His path took him through various bodywork, movement, psychotherapeutic, and energy medicine modalities. 


In 2001 he experienced a kundalini awakening that resulted in a profound expansion and deepening of his ability to consciously work with the subtle and imaginal realms of the psyche. This new level of awareness enabled him to more effectively work through old traumas and defense patterns that were at the root of his hip issue, eventually resulting in full relief from pain and an ability to resume athletics. For the past fifteen years Lance has enjoyed competing in triathlons and racing mountain bikes. He is currently training in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu at The Academy of Martial Arts in Brooklyn Center. 







Adler Graduate School  2010 

Master of Arts in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy   


Rolf Institute of Structural Integration   1995     

Certified Rolfer


Arizona State Univeresity, Tempe, AZ   1994   

B.S in Exercise Science

Internship: Athletic Trainer for ASU Football team




Dimension Center     1994 - present

Dimension Approach –private practice
Treatment approach combining various modalities.


Integral Psychotherapy   2008 - present

Psychotherapist –private practice




Dimension Center    2015 - present

Dimension Approach Training Program

Developed syllabus and overall course structure.


Chiron Center for Relational Studies   2014- 2017

Instructor for classes, process groups, and discussion groups.

Created curriculum, led groups, and facilitated discussions.


Dimension Center Psychology Courses   2012 - present

Instructor of psychology classes offering continuing education units approved by

LP, LMFT, and LPCC Boards. Created curriculum and taught classes.




Dimension Approach Podcast,  2020 to present

Topics: theory and methodology of the The Dimension Approach, application to the fields

of awakening, healing, development, and performance

Global Purpose Summit, Berlin, Germany   6-2-18

Topic: mind body medicine and it’s relationship to the embodiment of purpose

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Guest Speaker   8-7-18

Topic: working with subtle energy


Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Guest Speaker   11-20-18

Topic: leading from Within

Society for Psychoanalytic Studies, Minneapolis, MN  10-12-17

Topic: psychosis vs spiritual emergency

Vibrant Potential Podcast  4-12-16

Topic: the mind-body connection 




Rolf Institute of Structural Integration

Full Circle Enneagram Training and Certification Program

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