Basic Assumptions of The Dimension Approach

Awareness as Ground of Existence

Awareness is all pervasive and is the primary ground in which all domains, realms, and dimensions occur.

Transpersonal View of Consciousness

The transpersonal view of consciousness suggests that there are nonphysical realms in which we exist, as much as or more than in the realm of the senses and physical world.

Transmissive theory of consciousness

Transmission theory holds that Consciousness operates through the brain rather than the brain producing consciousness.

Consciousness of Consciousness

Consciousness cannot be perceived or adequately conceived, it can only be known through direct intuition.

Systems Approach to Consciousness

while the components of consciousness can be studied in isolation, they exist as parts of a complex system, and can be fully understood only when situated in the context of the whole system.

The Integral Vision

The integral vision suggests that the various spiritual, philosophical, psychological, cultural, etc. viewpoints, throughout all cultures and all time periods, have validity within particular contextual frameworks, and are parts of a larger whole that operates as an infinitely complex system.

Energy Interaction model of reality

The Energy Interaction model suggests that all occurences are interactions between various energy systems, the interactions causing changes in the structure and function of the energy systems.

The Law of Vibration

Everything in the manifest universe is ultimately composed of packets of energy; quantized units vibrating at specific frequencies.

The Law of Resonance

Vibration will be amplified tremendously when stimulated by a similar or compatible resonant frequency.

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