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The Dimension Approach

an integration of modalities that facilitate awakening, healing, personal growth, and performance enhancement

The Dimension Approach is an integral approach to awakening, healing, growth, and performance. The Dimension Approach emerged out of Lance's twenty-six years of full-time clinical practice in the fields of bodywork, subtle and imaginal healing work, psychotherapy, and consciousness work.


The awakening aspect has been most influenced by Eastern non-dual traditions. The healing work is primarily trauma based, especially developmental trauma. The imaginal work is influenced by the shamanic and alchemical traditions. The subtle energy work is mostly concerned with chakras. The mental emotional work is a combination of the psychoanalytic, Ego, Self, Object Relations and Relational Schools of psychotherapy. The bodywork is based on Rolfing Structural Integration and Craniosacral Therapy. The movement work is based on various internal martial arts systems. The performance work is based on the ideas of flow, optimal states of mind, integrated movement, and tensegral mobility.



when we are consciously aware

we are not afraid to look

when we look from conscious awareness 

we look with wisdom that does not judge

when we look without judgement

we understand

when we understand

we forgive

when we forgive

we embrace

when we embrace

we become one with

when we become one with 

we cease to fear

the process is circular

the circle is infinite


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