Principle Ideas



The term consciousness is used here to refer to the mysterious all encompassing origin of beingness and experience. 



The unitary field of consciousness creates infinite structures. The term structure is used here to describe any organization of consciousness into form. 

Ontology and Phenomenology

Consciousness structures are organizations of consciousness into organs of ontological beingness. Ego structures are organizations of beingness into organs of phenomenological experience.



The consciousness structure that is an entity existing in the soul realm and presencing itself in various dimensions of the psyche. 

Conscious Mind

The "eyeball" of the soul. The consciousness structure by which the soul awakens within the psyche. 

Conscious attention

Focused consciousness. The Dimension Approach utilizes five specific types of conscious attentional focus; witnessing, holding, containing, mirroring, and contacting. 

The Psyche

The vehicle which contains the various realms, planes, and dimensions by which the phenomenal world occurs. 

Realms of the Psyche

The psyche contains various realms which manifest and operate each according to specific laws.  

Consciousness structures

Individual consciousness (Soul) presences itself in various dimensions of the Ego Realm. A Soul does this via ‘consciousness structures’ (organs of being) which function as access points into the various dimensions of the Ego Realm.

Ego Structures

The human psyche, made up of various ‘ego structures’, is the vehicle by which the Soul organizes experience into various levels of ego experience. 


Structural change 

The structures of the psyche function as a system, certain structures possessing the ability to effectuate structural change in certain other structures. It is structural change that determines healing, development, and performance.