The methodology involves focusing conscious attention in five specific ways. These specific types of attention are applied to varying dimensions of the psyche in order to facilitate specific types of change in the mind and body. 


Conscious attending

To consciously attend is to be. To be consciousness is to be oneself. Consciousness is itself and no other. Mysterious to our minds, consciousness illuminates the universe and reveals itself in infinite forms. Existing as souls with minds and bodies, we wait in awe and fear as we become what we were in the first place. We are egos with lives and purposes. We are individuals with families and loved ones. We live by the light that shines lovingly, as we make our way through dark chasms. As individual manifestations of consciousness we differentiate into selves who embody minds. We separate our attention from consciousness and lose our way into dark recesses of our own creation.  Yet consciousness is always there. However dark the experience, access to truth and light remains. The ego mind is blinded by colors, enraptured by experience, and naive in its understanding as our conscious minds create our adventure. To consciously attend is to see with the soul. To look with the eye that is the vehicle of truth. To consciously attend is to know that which the ego mind never will, and to allow it to be so.   

Witnessing -providing present observance 

To consciously witness is to be one with the other. To listen intently while knowing you already understand. To witness is to be with that which you see, and to leave it as it is, untouched by the force of your ego will, yet sanctified by the grace of your gaze. When witnessing happens, God is presencing himself. The witnessing happens through us. 


We all become the witness now and then. When an event occurs that stirs in us awe, reverence, sacredness. Our experience shifts, something opens to a world, a dimension, that presences itself here, now. We are moved by such experiences, suddenly put in our place. This presence that appears is not foreign to us, but rather remembered. It is brought back from its absence, yet there is a knowing it has been here all along. 


Holding -providing empathic support

To consciously hold is to create space in which the dance of life is free to occur. To join with that which you are aware of. To support its existence, however temporary or permanent, however superficial or deep, however profane or sacred. To hold is to feel. To feel it as it is, untouched by the judgements of your ego mind, yet suffered as though it was yours. 


We all hold that which we love. That which we accept. That which we want. We embrace it and join with it. Our experience becomes it, and it becomes us. We sacrifice our separateness, our safe distance, and become vulnerable to that which the other is vulnerable to. This is deep relating. It closes the distance between that which we call self and that which we call other. 


Containment -providing supportive coherence

To consciously contain is to cradle experience in the power of conscious organization. To allow intuitive wisdom to bring focus and coherence. To allow the soul to parent the ego and situate it in its proper environment. To contain is to be responsible to the limitations and specificity of the dimension at hand. 


We contain when we care. We show up in a way that cautions, confronts, yet empowers. Containment provides boundaries and organizes our experience into pieces of the whole. This way the mind learns perspective and horizon, composition and clarity. 


Mirroring -providing validating reflection

To consciously mirror is to honor the self. To reflect that which is experiencing. To bring the world and whatever it is presenting back to the creative source from which it is arising. Mirroring shows one what one already knows but has not yet become. What one feels but has not yet integrated into itself. 


We mirror when we know ourselves from our experience. We mirror when we acknowledge our relationship with life, other, world. Mirroring brings us back to ourselves. Back to each other. The sacred mirror that is the eye of God shines light into the mind, and becomes itself. 


Contact -providing conscious relating

To consciously contact is to celebrate the journey. To acknowledge the other while knowing it is self. The secret that took so much suffering to discover, is shared between two hearts, two minds, two bodies. Belief becomes knowing. Knowing becomes innate wisdom. 


We contact when we reveal ourselves to each other. When we see that the other is in no way a threat to who or what we are. Rather a dear companion who is along for the ride, with no idea of where it is going.

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