Tony is an electrical engineering professional who has always been interested in trying to understand the nature of human existence. This curiosity led him to study many different philosophies and spiritual traditions. His interest in all things spiritual was deeply challenged when he experienced the loss of his wife to breast cancer. As he worked through the process of accepting and healing his own emotional pain and trauma, he became committed to the idea of helping others do the same.


"In working with individuals as a Dimension Therapy practitioner my intent is to bring conscious attention and awareness to those areas that may be limiting their ability to connect to their true essential nature."



Margaret holds a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership with graduate certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Ethics and Leadership, Strategic Management and Theology and Religious studies. She is a level two Reike Master and Professional Life Coach.  Her education, mediation, and coaching experience inform her Dimension Therapy practice. Margaret is passionate about connecting people within and across communities.  She is available for evening and weekend appointments.

“From an early age my journey involved experiencing dark and terrifying places. I grew up thinking there was something wrong with me; an inescapable feeling of insecurity and self-loathing. Through this work those feelings have given way to a more complete understanding of what it means to be human and to accept and integrate more of who I really am. The work is not easy, but my dedication to it has resulted in access to a more expansive and loving way of being."



Thor has worked as an adolescent counselor, musician and security manager while studying and practicing bio-energetic healing individually and in community for more than twenty years. Dimension Therapy has helped him integrate and heal experiences of trauma and loss leading to more fulfillment and resilience. As a Dimension Therapy practitioner Thor is committed to supporting his clients through deep listening and awareness so they may live from their own essence.

"By listening with conscious intention, this work brings awareness to where you are split off from your true self, your essence. By holding space for you to experience  your blocks, you begin to integrate these wounded parts. It takes commitment, time and awareness but you can begin to experience more wholeness and live more authentically from your essence."