The hallmark of the Dimension Approach is learning to discern conscious attending from mere ego perception and learning to discern different types of conscious attending. Learning to do this is an awakening experience in itself. In that way, the Dimension Approach is an awakening practice.



Wounds, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual, involve an experience of disconnection between the body/mind and consciousness. The Dimension Approach as a healing practice involves consciously attending to such areas of disconnection, being present with the experience, and facilitating conscious reconnection.



Development of the human psyche involves the conscious unfoldment of both conscious structures and ego structures. Such structures form the body and empower the mind to experience ever expanding and ever deepening dimensions. The Dimension Approach as a development practice involves consciously attending to the various dimensions of experience and facilitating the unfoldment of one’s potential.



The essence of performance is creativity. Whether the aim is to perform a specific action or to create a general effect, consciousness empowers and liberates the body and mind to perform beyond what the ego has been conditioned to think possible. The Dimension Approach as a performance practice involves consciously attending to the intended action, allowing space for it to occur, and engaging conscious will to make it happen.